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What Does FYP Mean?

What Does FYP Mean?

What is FYP ?

Is it #FYP or #FYP? What’s the difference? A big difference. While #FYP can mean “For You Page” it can also mean “Fixed Your Post.” While the two TikTok hashtags are in fact identical, their meanings could not be more different. Read below on how the “For You Page” is your key to followers and traffic.

What does Fyp mean in Tik Tok?

#FYP is a common acronym used to hashtag both a video intended for the “For You Page” found on all TikTok users’ accounts. But it’s not to be confused with the #FYP hashtag meaning “Fixed Your Post” where users create video responses to other users’ earlier posts. These post “fixes” often include a twist, a more complex idea, or a joke that builds off the original video.

What is FYP?

When considering how to use TikTok to grow followers and drive traffic, understanding the difference between the two hashtags and their associated uses is essential.

While the “Fixed Your Post”/#FYP provides a rich and often amusing dialogue between content creators, for the purposes of outreach and web presence, the “For You Page”/#FYP is the hashtag to know and use.

The “For You Page” is the page users first see when they open the TikTok app. A video that lands on the coveted “For You Page” has a higher chance of getting likes, shares, downloads and followers – and the higher the traffic, the greater the chance that the video not only goes viral but could potentially launch the content creator into the bigtime.

for you page

While not all viral videos make virtual stars worth millions, the opportunity for 15 minutes of fame or a company sponsorship is too good to pass up; users often tag their posts #FYP in hopes their video will break through the competition and be seen by as many of TikTok’s 800 million users as possible.

What happens if someone comments Fyp on TikTok?

Content creators on TikTok believe that tagging #FYP on a post increases the post’s chance of appearing on the “For Your Page.” While there is no reliable evidence (or guarantee) that using #FYP will increase the chances of the post showing on the “For You Page,” many users add the hashtag anyway, citing the fact that it can’t hurt.

Depending on who you ask, you can find TikTok users alike who both swear they’ve seen spikes in their traffic with the hashtag and others who haven’t, where no significant increase in followers or likes was found.

Tagging a video #FYP may in fact make it appear favorable to the algorithm, as users will use the #FYP to indicate a video should be featured on the “For You Page.” This can also boost a video’s perceived popularity, making the post appear topical and desirable among users.


How can I get my TikTok video on the For You Page

While getting your video on the “For You Page” remains a matter of educated guessing as to how TikTok’s algorithms work, there are some proactive steps you can take to at least increase your chances. While there are no guarantees, implementing the following advice may in fact to your next “For You Page” viral sensation:

  • Quality Not Quantity.

Your video must cut through the static and provide the best content and user-experience possible. This doesn’t mean an expensive or especially fancy set-up, but videos should be clear, well-lit and audible, and provide entertainment, education, or inspiration. Even the best video will be left behind if the audio or video quality is poor.

Quality Content

  • Hashtag Well (and with Caution).

Tagging your videos with too many hashtags or the wrong hashtags won’t position your content in the best possible location for the right viewers (users who have indicated an interest or preference for your kind of content or subject.). Use #FYP (or #ForYouPage) and #ForYou, and then one hashtag that fits the category of your video. Mislabeling your videos means missed viewership.

  • Leave Them Wanting More.

There’s nothing quite like a sense of anticipation or excitement. Use this to your advantage. A subset of TikTok genres, “engagement bait” teases the viewer with an interesting or juicy frame-up, but doesn’t stream results until certain conditions are met. Whether it’s a surprise that’s not revealed until the video gets X number of likes, or the results of a terrible Pinterest experiment, create content that encourages users to come back for more.

  • Draft Like a Pro.

TikTok trends are trends for a reason – they’re popular, relevant, and have people’s attention. Whether it’s your spin on the current TikTok Challenge, upping your meme game, or even posting short videos that include trending sound effects, you can take the guesswork out of creating new viral content by drafting off what is already popular.

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