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Ultimate Tiktok Marketer Guide

Ultimate Tiktok Marketer Guide

You have heard about TokTok and marketing, but how do these two work together and should they? In our article we explain TikTok marketing , show few best practices and highlight potential use cases for business planning to use TikTok for Marketing.

TikTok and Marketing

TikTok has been around for a while and hit a couple of newsworthy download milestones since. Reaching the 2 billion download mark has opened up for many marketers to TikTok as a potential platform for advertisement, brand partnerships, brand exposure and many other marketing activities.

2 billion download of TikTok

TikTok has huge potential, many haven’t realized that yet. TikTok in many ways resembles other successful platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in their early days when the organic reach was high, influencers were cheap and competition low, ahh good old days.

So what is it, exactly, and how can your business benefit from using TikTok? If you’ve heard of TikTok and you are thinking of ways your business could incorporate it into your marketing, we have put together some advice you could implement in your marketing campaigns.

TikTok organic reach

Users are active on TikTok

Having millions of users is cute, but if they do not engage with the platform then what is the point? TikTok users spend an average of 46 minutes a day watching videos and engaging, which is just 7 minutes less than on Instagram.

But more importantly, average time spent on TikTok is just increasing while time spent on Instagram or facebook is decreasing.

46 minutes daily on tiktok

This is a result of over and saturated platforms that Instagram and Facebook has become. And it is just naturally that users are looking for remedies, for platforms with less ads and more fun content.

TikTok Marketing is:

Simply defined TikTok marketing falls under four main categories of brand advertisement:

  • Brand native content
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Paid Ads
  • Music distribution

Depending on your Brand niche you should choose the best way to advertise on TikTok.

TikTok marketing

TikTok Brand native content

Create an account on TikTok and publish content from your brand’s perspective. Keep your brands content on TikTok authentic, and avoid heavy editing.

TikTok Influencer partnerships

Similarly like with Instagram influencers, your brand can run partnerships with TikTok influencers. Note that TikTok influencers charge much lower rates than Instagram influencers.

TikTok influencers

TikTok Paid Ads

TikTok in app ads are still work in progress and might not be available in all countries. These ads can be in various forms and prices depending on desired placements.

TikTok Music distribution

Probably the best success is achieved by businesses that utilize promotion of their own music. We have written a comprehensive guide on how TikTok can create success for musicians.

TikTok Music distribution

TikTok is new for marketers

If you are a fast adopter and you like to explore and experiment, then TikTok is a perfect platform for you. For many marketers, TikTok is still an unexplored area and they do not know much about it or just hide behind the ‘’ it is for the kids ‘’ excuse.

Besides that, there is not much reliable information available to marketers about TikTok and how marketers should use it. TikTok has really been around just for a couple of years, and really trending just for a few months.

We can expect in the very near future more and more marketers recognizing the power of TikTok and jumping in to get something out of it, but then it might be too late…

Understanding TikTok

The best way to understand TikTok is actually spending time on the platform and creating content. Test, look at what works and what not. Look at your industry, who is on TikTok what are they doing?

TikTok analytics

Technical marketers are always looking for numbers, TikTok offers basic in app analytics, and monitoring tools like Pentos features multiple smart trackers to monitor growth, virality and overall performance of your post or account.

TikTok analytics

Knowing your way around analytics and data early on will allow you to increase ROI and CRO of your TikTok marketing activities.

What TikTok Is good for?

TikTok is the choice of a platform for GenZ’s.

TikTok is for genz

TikTok is a social media platform of its kind, offering unique content and engaging with unique audiences. TikTok is a great platform for short-form vertical video content geared towards entertainment.

TikTok is absolute, must-have if your brand is working With Genz’s and you are producing video content!

TikTok audience charts

Other niches should not be left behind. It might seem, but entertainment is not the only type of content posted on the platform. You will fastly notice that TikTok algorithm serves you videos you engage the most.

No one is limited to a certain niche, TikTok gives you the freedom to create content you want and TikTok algorithm will find and show it to people who engage with it.

Why is Marketing on TikTok is a good idea?

Marketing on Tiktok has the freedom that other social media channels had in their early days, offering content creators large organic reach and active fans.

Main examples why marketing on TikTok is a good idea:

  • Creative freedom
  • High organic reach
  • Cheap influencers
  • Low saturation of Ads
  • Low competition
  • High ROI
TikTok for marketing

Let’s look at the reasons bit deeper

TikTok gives Creative freedom

TikTok is a relaxed social media channel that has not spoiled users with high quality/ studio content. Compared to other platforms, TikTokers ( TikTok creators) and brands are themselves, it is even highly encouraged.

For bigger brands, this allows showcasing their brand from more casual ‘’ behind the scenes perspective. While if you are a new business, you may find this freeing, as it takes away all the production pressure.

TikTok has high Organic reach

In other words, Tiktok is not oversaturated like other social media platforms. Ads, promotions, or influencer sales pitch are a rare thing on TikTok. Users actually want to spend time on Tiktok and consume content not only because of its type but also because they are not disturbed by ads.

TikTok high organic reach

TikTok’s organic reach is also accounted for by TikTok creator and consumer ratio, and the time a single user spends on the platform.

TikTok Influencers are cheap

All the influencers on TikTok are not the same as on Instagram or youtube. Most of these influencers are having just their first experience with going varial and having a large audience. TikTok influencers are like raw gems, that are not yet polished by marketers.

TikTok Ads on the rise

Tiktok as the platform is still experimenting with multiple monetization scenarios, one being paid ads. They are not popular yet, giving a lot of room for marketers to play with. TikTok ads are structured very similarly to Facebook ads and will be easy to use for marketers with previous experience.

TikTok for Music

This is a unique part of TikTok. Brands that work with music can take a huge opportunity to leverage Tik Tok and make their songs go viral at a very low cost.

TikTok for music

TikTok ROI

Return on investment for TikTok marketing campaigns is in the range between 4x - 20x depending on type and quality of campaign the brand has launched.

The TikTok MArketing campaigns have potential of even higher ROI if they have been made correctly. Besides that TikTok drives massive engagement and traffic to your other channels like WEB and Social medias.

The highest ROI is achieved from the brands that clearly include Link or referral code and partner up with well researched, creative influencers.

What brand should be on TikTok?

Seeing for what the TikTok users accept and engage it is not a distinct pattern that would limit any brand from advertising on TikTok. We have seen law enforcement, lawyers, glassmakers and even truck drivers having TikTok accounts and reaching out to audiences.

brands on tiktok

If you are looking purely at statistics then, TikTok is distinctly tailored and used for younger demographics. But keep in mind that also these demographics purchase products, use services and are exposed to your competitor’s brands.

How To Use TikTok For Your Business?

Now, if you use TikTok correctly, you can introduce your brand, product or services to a huge audience. In fact,TikTok has passed over 2 billion active users, worldwide, a number which is rapidly growing, day by day, surpassing other social media platforms along the way.

If you’re considering TikTok as one of your social media channels for your business, then now is the right time to start the channel.

TikTok For business will not be much different than TikTok for your personal use. The key here is that you want your TikTok business profile and content to be authentic. Forget about overproducing content in studio-like settings, rather focus on authenticity and backstage of your business. TikTok is a great platform to show your business from a daily perspective, be a bit silly, join in the trends and hashtag challenges. You can plan your content and have a meaning behind it but do not over do it just yet.

Make TikTok videos

Vertical Video is the format marketers should be using on TikTok. Platform encourages authentic content, connects with your fans and spreads awareness in a different way than you do on other social media channels.

Being consistent and engaging is crucial if you wish to expand your organic reach. Sure you can repurpose content your nbarnd has created before- but be sure to make it a little bit unique to the platform.

Use TikTok hashtags

Every social media marketer should know this by heart - hashtags matter. TikTok is no exception, part of success on TikTok lies in how well you have done your hashtag research.

The most popular hashtag on TikTok is FYP = for you page

Read here more about how to leverage the FYP hashtag on your Tiktok.

TikTok hashtag

Examples of best practices for Tiktok hashtags

  • Use a variety of hashtags ranging from 10000 views to 5-10 million views.
  • Use original hashtags, branded hashtags
  • Use relevant hashtags to brand and post
  • Use trending hashtags
  • DO not over use hashtags, 5-8 hashtags per post perform the best.
  • Do not use the same hashtags all the time
  • Encourage influencers to use your brand hashtags
  • Add your brand hashtag in your company bio

Engage with your TikTok community

TikTok is not just about posting your content to the world, don’t just abandon the platform after you have posted a video. A Marketer’s job also includes responding and connecting with the community.

Spend time on answering genuine TikTok comments, show your TikTok fasn that you care. Comment section is commonly a great place where you can discover what your audience thinks about you, and you can answer their questions and guide them.

TikTok duet

Marketers commonly ignore this, as these steps take time and effort and are hard to automate, but creating the community commonly can make or break the brand.

  • Participate in TikTok challenges
  • Leverage your own music
  • Create duets
  • Make response videos
TikTok challenges

TikTok Marketing going viral

Tiktok in core has proven to be a channel that can make videos go viral, so naturally also your marketing or business videos have a chance to go viral. Besides that TikTok has been proven as a great platform for musicians to take their songs to the next level, take for instance Lil Nas x old town road song that just blew off the charts on TikTok. If you are planning to do marketing for musicians, we have a complete guide on how to do it right!: TikTok For musicians. Or If you Would like to read how To get viral on TikTok, we have a guide for that as well: How to go viral on TikTok.

Marketing goals on TikTok

Marketing goals on TikTok are as important as on any other platform, but the goals you are trying to achieve in TikTok will be slightly different then other channels.

From our experience on TikTok your marketing goals for business should focus on 3 key Metrics. Marketers can discuss how much of them are vanity metrics and how much of them we can actually measure.

Remember to measure your marketing goal with TikTok analytics tools like: Pentos.

TikTok Marketing goals should focus on:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Brand community
  3. Sales
TikTok marketing goals

Brand awareness with TikTok

TikTok organic reach is massive, currently no other platform has the same levels of exposure and an opportunity for newbies to hit viral video. Not to mention that there are just very few brands actively participating in Tiktok.

The best is that being on TikTok and creating content does not have to be time consuming. Opposite of other platforms TikTok users are not in high demand of highly produced content, quite the opposite. The authenticity and relevance is what TikTok crowd values.

Your Brand could potentially create simple content, for example:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Everyday life of an brand
  • Repurposing content made for other channels
  • Duet and reactions videos to your competitors
  • Employee takeovers
  • New product releases


TikTok marketing

And many others- creativity is your limit when it comes to TikTok content.

Brand community on TikTok

You might have heard that TikTok users are just kids, #boomer, that is not any more the case. TikTok reaches well over 800 million user marks and 73% of the users are over 18 years old.

TikTok has gained massive popularity among genZ’s and the platform can be utilized as a great tool to build a community of your customers or potential customers.

TikTok brand awarness

Would you like to have an instagram account with 500k followers for your brand, Iam sure you would, but to achieve these numbers with IG organicall is pretty impossible these days, while with TikTok it is a feasible goal. Creating a following/audience / community now, while the app still has lucrative organic reach and low Creator-Consumer ratio, is a smart idea.

Remember that TikTok will evolve , introduce new features, monetization options etc, just like instagram and facebook have done over the years.

TikTok Sales Goals

Every business is dependent on how much of the products or services it can sell. As the vanity metrics like: views, followers and likes are nice, marketers should not lose track of sales numbers as well. Exception would be for the music industry, where you would aim for the large numbers of views, streams and song downloads.TikTok sales goals can be measured and they should. Rookie marketers typically can’t clearly distinguish which of the channels resulted in the best conversions.

To measure TikTok sales goals use similar tools as you would for other campaigns, for example: 

  • Use coupon codes
  • Use unique landing pages
  • Use referral codes
TikTok sales

Try TikTok’s newest features

Every once in a while, tiktok releases new features. Recently, TikTok introduced Shoppable Function for ecommerce websites and charity stickers.

As every app, TikTok encourages users to try and use the new features, this can allow your brand to be among early adopters and benefit from increased organic reach.

TEST your TikTok

If your business wishes to succeed with TikTok you will have to test things out. There is no one magic formula that will tell you what works best for your business.

Test and find out what content works for you, how can you gain the best results and test how can you increase sales with TikTok.

Examples of business using TikTok

MArketers like examples, Seeing how other brands have done it can be extremely helpful before starting your own TikTok business page or TikTok marketing campaign.

There have been a couple of brands actively taking part in TikTok. We collected a couple of brands across different niches and industries as examples of how their accounts are performing and what type of content they are creating.

Examples of beauty brands on Tiktok


Wake up to brighter, smoother and more even skin with the 22% active ingredients in this Neogen Real Vita C Serum! 🍋🍊 ##kbeauty ##tiktokreviews

♬ dolce and gabbana - styleiinspo

Social media and Beauty brands have always seen great success, TikTok is no exception. TikTok Beauty brand examples from above are promoting their products and engaging with audiences. TikTok Video editing tools, filters and potential launch of AR is a huge bonus for beauty brands.

Examples of fashion brands on TikTok

Similarly to examples of TikTok beauty brands, fashion brands have gained great success on social media and adding new channels to their funnel is just a logical choice.

We have noticed that bigger brands are just adopting TikTok for their marketing, for example: Official Calvin Klein channel has only 18000 followers, while their Instagram has over 20 million followers.


Go ##modern in ##mycalvins##calvinkleinjeans

♬ original sound - calvinklein

On the other hand, a Gymshark is a great example of early TikTok marketing adaptation. Gymshark was one of the first brands creating TikTok influencer partnerships and launching their challenges.


How many flips does @sydneybrown_xo do? 🤸‍♀️ ##gymshark ##gymnast

♬ Astronomia - Tony Igy

See examples below:

Examples of restaurant brands on Tiktok

If Beauty brands and fashion brands make sense to be marked on TikTok then how about something like food? Chipotle is an example of great marketing done on TikTok early on.


It’s 𝒻𝒶𝓈𝓉 𝒸𝒶𝓈𝓊𝒶𝓁. @puulparty ##fyp ##chipotle ##chipotlehack

♬ original sound - chipotle

Examples of car brands on TikTok

Marketers will now tell: low cost consumer products are easy to sell online via social media, and your right. But that does not mean that Luxury brands with expensive products should not be on TikTok.

TikTok is great to raise your brand’s awareness, share content from behind the scenes and connect with your fans on a more emotional level.

Famous Musicians on TikTok


♬ original sound - g_eazy

If you are a marketing agency, you are working with musicians, or you are producing original music for your advertisements then TikTok is a must have for your campaigns.

We wrote a detailed guide about musicians' success on TikTok to tell you more about it.

TikTok is without a question best for promoting original music. Marketers can leverage hype generated from music on their product channels. If you are a marketer for a brand make sure you leverage the original music you have, or maybe create your own sounds ?

Examples of Sports teams on TikTok


One big family ##AddamsFamily ##SnapLikeAnAddams ##vegasborn ##foryou

♬ Main Theme: The Addams Family - Vocal Version - Vic Mizzy and His Orchestra and Chorus

TikTok is not just limited to physical products. Are you responsible for social media marketing in a sports club or dance team? You definitely have opportunities to raise awareness for your organization with TikTok.

Remember Videos on TikTok can get viral pretty quickly and travel across the community. TikTok can be great if you want to promote your organization locally, by using local hashtags.



🌈 ##Pride ##police ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - politivest

Launch your TikTok marketing campaigns

We hope that with this article we managed to illustrate the opportunities of TikTok for marketing. Creativity has no limits when it comes to TikTok, express your brand missions in a different way and engage with highly active audiences.

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