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The top 5 TikTok sounds & songs in February 2020

The top 5 TikTok sounds & songs in February 2020
Here’s our ranking in February 2020.

1. AhiChallenge

sound by elrodcontreras

The Mexican influencer elrodcontreras uploaded this sound for the first time. He created hips dancing with the challenge AhiChallenge.
Then Charli d’Amelio (32.5M followers) used it to create two videos on January 27th and January 28th.
And the sound went viral. This is an existing song from Nfasis named Tra Tra. It was released in October 2017 and was successful in Mexico. The international public discovered it from TikTok platform.


♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

2. Lose Control

song by Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

This song was already in the TikTok library, and there is no challenge related to it. However, we noticed three kinds of content for the posts using the song :

  • The beyond the scene trend. TikTok creators are showing how there are making their videos.
  • Tutorials. Make-up tutorials and sports efforts.
  • The Parkour trend. TikTok creators are filming them running and jumping in dangerous situations to show their agility.


What would happen if you tried this 😬 @khedoori ##parkour ##jump ##dangerous ##whatithought ##2020 ##rocks ##tiktok ##viral ##dontlookatme ##scary ##floorislava

♬ Lose Control - Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

3. You vs. Me

sound by finessed.kiaa

This sound was created and posted by finessed.kiaa in early 2018. The creator is no longer on the TikTok platform today, and created a private Instagram profile and a Lipsi account (Anonymous messaging for an influencer). We tried to reach finessed but we have no answer at the time of this writing. It seems that she did not enjoy the influencer’s status. The sound was covered many times in 2018 but it went viral big time in 2020. The second round pushed farther the popularity of the first videos and finessed.kiaa became famous.


DANCE 💃🏼❤️!! ##likethislikethat ##featureme ##featureus ##destacame ##dametucosita2 ##dance ##coreografia ##twins

♬ You vs. Me - finessed.kiaa

4. No Pressure

sound by dirtcups

The tiktok creator dirtcups created this sound from the music of the movie Ratatouille. She mixed it with a stressful rhythm and a weird noise to show two different kinds of situations and mood : the cooking at home versus cooking in the movie. This mix is a great viral material sound because it allows TikTok users to be creative with their situation :

  • Me scared to be late Vs my mother very calm who takes her time.
  • Me trying to keep up with the lesson Vs me eating my Oreos.
  • Me trying to be ready with make-up Vs my boyfriend waiting on the sofa.
  • Me being late to cook the meat Vs my mother coming home slowly by car.


can u believe we made the ratatouille from the movie ratatouille into a real thing ##foryou ##fyp

♬ No Pressure - dirtcups

5. original sound

sound by saydenseay

Saydenseay (1.8M followers) created this sound from a movie line: “this my baby and ain’t nobody gonna touch her.” He made his video with a cute puppy, which is (of course) great viral material. But what allows this sound to be viral is the misappropriation of TikTok users following this post. In the original video, Saydenseay appears in a mirror with his puppy in his arms. Then, tiktok creators covered this sound with a girl holding his boyfriend, a guy holding his friend. Dixie d’Amelio (13M followers) appears in the arms of Addison Rae (20.9M followers). Even Charli D’Amelio made her post in the arms of her mother Heidi d’Amelio who is a Tiktok influencer like her daugthers. And when Charli covered a sound, it becomes viral!


Dis our babies! @charlidamelio @alilberman

♬ original sound - saydenseay

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