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Top 200 Tiktok Songs - Pentos Music Charts

Top 200 Tiktok Songs - Pentos Music Charts

TikTok will have an essential role in the music industry in 2020
Don’t miss tiktok viral music!

The viral potential of TikTok songs uploaded on the app is real. The Tiktok platform reveals music talents of tomorrow as Lil Nas X or Sueco the kid. Pentos has created a viral songs list updated every day to keep you aware of the new tendency.

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So now, you can see what songs are popular on TikTok day by day.

When tracks have titles, it means that the TikTok platform already knows them.

The original sounds are the sounds uploaded by TikTok users. We can find :

  • Songs from artists TikTok does not recognize yet. (often unknown artists)
  • Original creations of tiktokers.

Both are important!

When an artist is emerging on the TikTok platform thanks to an influencer, he can have a big success story. He can be famous like Lil Nas X three months later. TikTok is fast.
Original creations or TikTok meme songs, when covered, highlights a trend among tiktokers. Viral content is often a funny meme or a choreography. Then tiktokers use this sound to recreate the joke or dance.

Pentos’ ranking highlights a correlation between popularity and songs associated with a choreography. The list of viral songs from TikTok is updated daily by adding new songs with high potential.

And the first most viral song of 2020 is

Lalala - İlkan Gunuc Remix

This song has been posted for the first time by @danilla_carvalho the 31/12/2019. It gets a big A score on our Tiktok virality evaluator!

Tiktok has now identified the song artist who has become famous thanks to the influencer video. It is İlkan Gunuc, a Dj still not very legendary but not for very long.

The music is a remix of the song Lalala by bbno$ itself discovered in 2019 on TikTok. The video goes viral because it offers a playful choreography. All tiktokers are capable of doing it : a series of emojis of gestures with the hands. Simple and effective!

How to get the Tiktok viral songs list?

Tiktok viral songs list is a tool that you can find on the Pentos platform in the Charts section. You can to choose the day of the ranking to have the best understanding of music trends.

Pentos' ranking is not based on editorial choices or by music critics. Pentos Analytics platform creates the top sounds list thanks to real data and provides the most accurate information. Access to the Charts is, thus, part of the Pro subscription, which customers can cancel at any time.

The platform also allows direct access to Tiktok with the song link. Then the user sees directly what the first video posted, and the popular videos that followed were.

The charts are brand new, and Pentos will add more UX features in the coming weeks..

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