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The top 10 artists discovered on Tiktok in 2019

The top 10 artists discovered on Tiktok in 2019

Tiktok has become in a couple of years one of the top platforms for musical discovery. Success comes very much faster on Tiktok, especially for music. An indie artist can get his career off in a moment thanks to virals videos of tiktokers. Here are our top 10 artists discovered on Tiktok.

Lil Nas X

Old town road by Lil Nas X on Tiktok

The most famous Tiktok artist has won over $ 14 million with his first hit “Old town road.” Then he goes straight into the Hot 100 with his new single “Panini”. Lil Nas X won the CMA awards for Musical Event Of the Year 2019.

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Uno by Ambjaay on Tiktok

The 20 years old American rapper blew up on the Tiktok platform with his “Uno” hit and thanks to the #UnoDanceChallenge. Spotify counts over 50 million times of streaming. He now has signed with Columbia Records.


Lalala by bbno$ on Tiktok

Bbno$ (baby no money) is a Canadian rapper born in 1995, discovered for his featuring with Y2K for “Lalala” single. Alexander Gumuchian (his birth name) has over 21 million monthly streamers on Spotify.
The producer Y2K told Ethan Cole on Channel 933”, it got totally out of control and reached the point that we realized that nothing that we do could make it bigger or smaller and it’s just going to do its thing now and it totally passed us … We live in an area where people want to see stuff on an app in a 15 seconds beat and they can put their spin on it”.

Blanco Brown

The Git Up by Blanco Brown on Tiktok

Blanco Brown is the producer of Chris Brown and Pitbull, but he was not legendary as a singer. Thanks to Tiktok’s platform and “The Git Up” in April 2019, he is now certified Platinium. This song became viral with the #TheGitUpChallenge where people are doing the same cowboy dance.

Sueco The Child

Fast by Sueco The Child on Tiktok

Sueco the Child is an American rapper who signed to Atlantic Records following Tiktok success hit “Fast.” The 22 years old man already had a reputation on Instagram and tried to post his “fast” song on SoundCloud. Seeing the incredible success of “Old town Road” song on Tiktok, he took the opportunity to make his music known. And it worked.

Sueco The Child


Ride it by Regard on Tiktok

Dardian Aliu alias Regard is a Kosovo-based DJ who remixed the song “Ride it” of Jay Sean released in 2007. This remix was discovered on Tiktok with over 2,7 M of use. Then the DJ signed to Ministry of sound and is already known as one of the best Depp House DJs of his generation.


Stupid feat Yung Baby Tate by Ashnikko on Tiktok

Ashnikko is a 23 years old rapper. She became famous with her “Stupid” hit featuring Young Baby Tate, which became viral on Tiktok. The strong lyrics of the song allowed to make videos with a message. Ashnikko says “This song has been f–king insane. It’s opened a lot of doors for me. I’m nothing but grateful” in an interview for Billboard

Arizona Zervas

Roxan by Arizona Zervas on Tiktok

Arizona Zervas is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Maryland. He made a blistery entry in 2019 in the hot 100 with his hit “Roxanne”. The song became viral on Tiktok, and the artist would have signed to Columbia Records.

Ant Saunders

Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders on Tiktok

Ant Saunders was an indie artist discovered by the broad public with his viral song on Tiktok “Yellow Hearts.” The lyrics of his song inspired tiktokers to put their spin on it: “she put my name with yellow hearts, her favorite color like the star.” Ant Saunders signed in November 2019 to Arista Records. photo ant saunders

Ant Saunders

Kaash Paige

Love Song by Kaash Paige on Tiktok

Kaash Paige is an 18 years old rapper from Dallas. She became famous with her Tiktok hit “Love Song” with over 10 M use. For the young woman who did not use Tiktok, it was a big surprise that tiktokers danced on it she explains on Genius itw

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