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Tiktok influencer marketing with Jayde Vincent

Tiktok influencer marketing with Jayde Vincent

Tiktok influencer marketing has no secret for this 18 years woman who builds a fascinating ABC’s of Tiktok Marketing to explain how works the platform and what its rules are.

Do you promote your brand or other brands on TikTok, and how?

I work with a lot of music highest and I have work with some brands. I don’t have a brand myself, but I see myself as a brand. Brands and music highest are coming to me, and I work with them to figure out how to promote their brands, then and do a video.

I always have full creative control to do what I do because I know my followers well, and I know the content that they want to see.

What is your marketing strategy?

I like to keep things very organic; I don’t want to do something too commercial or overproduced. The more organic it is, the better. I like to keep things strictly real and raw because people don’t like to see ads or anything too commercial on Tiktok.

My advice for someone who wants to be an influencer on TikTok will be to learn before about the app because it’s very different from anything else, very different from the other platforms. We are like a community and we are always looking out for each other and what’s you can gonna feel for TikTok and how content is part of that, then you know how to produce your own content.

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What is your relationship with your fanbase?

I have a really close relationship with my fanbase; I engage them and have a strong connexion with them. I reply to the DMs and the comments, and we have inside jokes. They have given me so much in life, so I’d like to give them back.

The difference between being an influencer and just being popular on the app is that as an influencer, you actually have to engage with your followers, you have to have a relationship with them. Anybody can be popular ! You could gain millions of followers, but to be an real influencer, you have to make an impact on somebody’s life, you have to engage them, and you have to know your followers.

Do you have any pressure being an influencer?

There is a lot of pressure, especially for being such a big creator. I have 1,2 M followers on TikTok, so there is a lot of pressure to keep the viewers going. Sometimes if a video doesn’t go viral, people are questioning me like “Jayde! You always have followers. Why aren’t you get likes ?”. That’s just the thing with TikTok ; sometimes, the videos will do amazing no matter how many followers you have, and sometimes they won’t.

The pressure is sometimes there, but then I let myself think, “Hey, this is just TikTok!”.

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