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Tiktok influence illustrated at Super Bowl LIV

Tiktok influence illustrated at Super Bowl LIV

Tiktok influence was loud and clear last Sunday at the biggest night of the year, the Super Bowl.

Actually this is not a surprise when we remember that the platform signed up a multi-year partnership with the NFL in September 2019.

An official 30 sec ad!

While Facebook waited for 16 years to air its first ad at Super Bowl, TikTok released its own after only 4 years of existence. It seems that its influence is growing much faster than the other social media. The growth is also amazing for Tiktok influencers who can become famous in a very short period of time thanks to the viral potential of videos. Sometimes only a few weeks are enough for a new influencer to build his / her community. Then they end up in commercials surrounded by superstars at the Super Bowl to attract Gen Z

Sabra Hummus with Zach King and Charli D’ameio at Super Bowl

Both Tiktok creators with a big influence Zach King (33 Million Followers) and Charli D’amelio (23 Million Followers) made it to the Sabra Hummus ads. What we can say is Charli D’amelio showed all the Boomers how to dip.

Another young and influential star was in a Tiktok ad during the Super Bowl thanks to his song.

Justin Bieber & Chipotle timeout break

During each Super Bowl timeout break, Chipotle teamed up with Tiktok most popular talents to create content using Justin Bieber Yummy’s song and promoting the hashtag TikTokTimeout. Maybe this time Yummy will go viral …

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Mtn Dew Branded effect

Accompanying its Super Bowl commercial, Mtn Dew launched its #AsGoodAsTheOG Challenge on TikTok – reviving the iconic “The Shining” twins scene and rallying the TikTok community to join in the fun and make creative use of the custom “twin” cloning AR effect.

TikTok was everywhere at Super Bowl and shows to the world how big is its influence and how it can be deployed.

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