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What is Tiktok ? Tiktok explained to your mom

What is Tiktok ? Tiktok explained to your mom

Tiktok is the trending social network well known by lip-sync enthusiasts and entertainers. It’s the first Chinese Tech company with a wide and well-engaged international audience. And now, the app is reaching the U.S. This short article summarizes Tiktok’s history and provides a few tips on how to use it.

From lip-sync to challenges

Tiktok was first known as Musical.ly, an app created by two Chinese entrepreneurs in 2014.It launched during the booming era for video making apps like Vine and Snapchat. the app was sold for $1 billion to the Beijing based ByteDance company which launched Tiktok.

Tiktok’s lip-sync feature is truly what brought the app to the center stage.It allowed a young audience to sing along to their favorite songs and share the resulting video. But it quickly started to become a place for humour and entertainment of all kinds.

At its core, Tiktok is a global entertainment company. The app lets you easily create eye-catching videos with popping visual effects and incredible sounds.

tiktok duet

Today, collaboration is at the core of Tiktok’s user-experience. For instance you can have a duet with another user by replying to one of his videos. It’s a kind of harmless competition that makes the platform entertaining. This kind of feature allows Tiktok to be a viral engine.

What makes it so popular ? Apparently, as opposed to other social media apps, Tiktok is considered to be a safe space. In fact, the platform has very little bullying, and a more joyful and entertaining environment. Tiktok is not trying to make you dream and feel frustrated like Instagram. And you don’t take part in political rants like you would on Facebook.

Get your inspiration from established brands

The Washington Post, a well-respected publication, is captivating a young audience with its humorous behind-the-scenes content under the simple yet efficient catchphrase “we are a newspaper”.

They post humorous videos, from skits to absurd short-clips. And it’s really refreshing to see such a serious player be this accessible.

The NFL just signed a deal with the platform described as a “multi-year partnership”. Most notably, the partnership involves “NFL –themed hashtags challenges”.

That’s very important as challenges are the major driver for engagement with more institutionalized brands. Remember when Jimmy Fallon launched the #tumbleweed challenge? Recently the French broadcasting company TF1 launched a similar challenge to engage its young audience during the marketing campaign for the show “Dance with the stars”. Challenge is the core feature of Tiktok for marketing, as it allows people to be creative together.

So, in a nutshell here are the tips

  • Create challenges: people don’t want to consume your brand content they want to be active and creative

  • Be genuine: like the Washington Post, you want to show that you are human, just like your users.

You now have all the tools you need to grow your audience on Tiktok, whether you are a marketer or content maker!

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