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Tiktok Careers Guide

Tiktok Careers Guide

How can anyone make a TikTok Career in 4 easy steps

TikTok is the trendy social media platform at the moment. Young professionals, teenegars, marketers and even boomers are joining TikTok, yet just a few are considering TikTok as their professional partner in their career path.

The unpopular version

Choose your career route with TikTok

There are 2 main ways how everyone can get their work started with TikTok.

  1. Get hired by TikTok
  2. Create your own career on TikTok

We will explore how to create your career on TikTok as TikToker/TikTok Influencer.

If you’re looking to get hired, explore TikTok jobs page for available vacancies.

Get started With Tiktok Career.

Making TikTok as your career might seem bizarre if you are a boomer or even millennial, but trust me Genzies dig it. Not so long ago, we could not imagine that Instagram would give rise to influencers, not to mention that they are a considerable part of well-known brand marketing campaigns.

The same is about to happen with Tiktokers if any time than now is still early to jump in and make TikTok as your career.

Why is a TikTok career a good idea?

  1. Do what you like and get paid
  2. Low competition from other influencers
  3. Huge chances to grow in a short period
  4. Not need to have a university diploma
  5. Anyone can do it.

But to make TikTok as your career, there are some advised steps to follow which we will go through in detail.

Why is a tiktok career a good idea

TikTok Careers guide in 4 steps

  1. Make content
  2. Create an audience
  3. Close Partnerships
  4. Make a brand

Want to know how? Read the detailed explanations for each step.

Careers guide

Easy steps to make TikTok careers

It is simple. If you understand the basics of any advertisement and social media platforms.

If you Want to make TikTok careers, you should think of it as your job and passion. To succeed with TikTok, you must also understand TikTok’s perspective.

TikTok is Social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, youtube and others. These platforms are fighting for your attention!

But before we start digging more in-depth on how to make TikTok careers, Let us understand that TikTok is our partner in this.

Let’s imagine this is our work like the regular 9-5 we all have.

You are hired as a content creator, and TikTok is your employer.

Tiktok and You

TikTok, as the employer has goals and expectations, the platform wants to satisfy users, bring more revenue and get more app downloads.

So how can TikTok do that?

In order to do that, TikTok needs creators. Creators like you.

Now you know what TikTok wants, how do you help TikTok to do that?

Well, you have to think about how the things you do on the platform helps TikTok to achieve these goals?

Are you creating content that people watch dozens of times, do you write comments and engage in meaningful discussions?

The better job you do, the higher is your reward.

And in TikTok eyes, the best reward for creators is exposure.

This exposure later can be monetized with brand partnership etc.

Step 1. Make engaging TikTok content.

Your TikTok career will start with content. It is essential to like this process. Otherwise, you will have a tough time ahead on your TikTok careers path.

Create content

Do you wonder why content comes before the audience? Well, because your content will bring your audience, and it is content that can get viral and reach people outside of your existing audience - even when you do not have one.

Analyze your Engagement rate with our TikTokk engagement calculator.

Tiktok as any other platform( Instagram, youtube, Facebook, etc.) is a battlefield for your attention as a consumer. So it seems necessary, but we tend to forget that as creators.

Just think how do you consume content on TikTok, there are videos you watch multiple times, and there are videos you just swipe away.

So from that, we can understand that TikTok wants creators that can capture people’s attention and keep these people on the platform.

You must understand this:

  • From Competition perspective: More time spent on TikTok = Less time spent on other platforms.
  • From an algorithms perspective: More time spent on TikTok better served.
  • From the TikTok business perspective: More time spent on TikTok more ads shown

Tiktok content mattters

TikTok Content matters

So our task as creators is to create engaging content that will be consumed by audiences.

If the audience is not engaging with your content, then TikTok gets discouraged from showing it to more audiences - it does not go viral.

What is engagement on TikTok?

  • Watch time
  • Comments
  • Shares( distribution of video )
  • Likes

Tiktok engagement

What is engaging TikTok content?

Engaging TikTok content is something you like to watch, simple right? Ask yourself what does a person like you want to watch?

  • Is it entertaining?
  • Is it education?
  • Is it funny?

Analyze anyone’s engagement rate with our TikTokk engagement calculator.

Can you make something like that?

Is the content on TikTok you are making now like that?

If no, then how can you make it, so it is?

Just take a moment to think about this.

Can’t figure it out? Just google it!

Not sure if the video is viral? Use our TikTok virality calculator to find that out.

And yes you don’t need fancy camera gear and extreme skills. Instead, take an extra minute or two and figure out what to make and why?

Step 2. Audience or TikTok followers

A second most important part of your TikTok career path is your audience. Building an engaging audience is what will be your central task through the process along with the content creation.

Gaining TikTok followers still matters.

Your audience will be not only an excellent validation metric for your future partners ( companies that want to pay you ), but also they will be regularly engaging with your content.

Your TikTok careers will be nothing without an engaging audience.

Pentos has great tools to track your Tiktok follower growth.

monitor tiktok follower growth

How to build a TikTok audience

Building your TikTok audience can be a time-consuming task. If you’re seriously looking to make TikTok as your career you should not be discouraged at any time.

Your audience will come with you being an active member of the platform. Followers will follow and remember active creators.

How to get TikTok followers

  • Post videos consistently
  • Post original content
  • Engage in comments
  • Make duets and TikTok trends
  • Share your account with your followers on other platforms
  • Answer questions and DM’s
  • GO LIVE.

Participating in Viral trends can speed up follower growth.

Want to find those viral videos and trends to jump in? Pentos is discovering the hottest Tiktok trends daily.

To build a TikTok following, You must follow all the steps and stay consistent with them!

Discover tiktok trends

Know your TikTok audience

Knowing your audience is the next crucial point for a successful TikTok career, know your audience inside out. Know their favourite content, a time when theta reactive, get in touch with them.

TikTok analytics Tools like Pentos will be convenient for you to understand the

The TikTok analytics tool can help you know the crucial data behind your audience behaviours. Once you know more about your audiences, you can adjust your process and content and content delivery.

Things to know about your TikTok followers:

  • The time when followers are most active
  • Type of content preferred
  • Location
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Favourite songs

Want to know what TikTok songs your followers engage? Pentos has a TikTok song monitoring tool that helps to discover the next trending TikTok sound.

How to activate your TikTok audience

It is crucial to stay in touch with your TikTok followers. Do not expect your audience to be just there for you all the time.

You will need to engage with your followers.

How to do that?

Simple, answer their comments, watch their videos, send DM’s etc.

Act as they are your friends. Build a community around yourself. TikTok creators, well, in fact, any creators should be grateful for the support of their audience.

Make sure your audience knows that.

This will create a stronger bond with you and your community; It will help you to build trust and make your followers return for your content.

Returning followers will increase your Tiktok’s content chances to go viral!

Monitor your progress

If TikTok career is your choice of profession, then make it professional. Set goals, monitor progress and know what is going on with your TikTok account.

Know also what other creators do, explore their content and their growth.

But how to monitor your growth? You can have a custom-created sheet where you keep track of your daily TikTok follower growth, or you can Let Pentos TikTok follower monitoring tools do it automatically.

monitor tiktok growth

Step 3. Close partnerships

Your Tiktok career will make more sense if you have a monetization plan in your mind.

If you have followers and engagement on your content, you also have opportunities to monetize your TikTok account.

Your TikTok career is ready to take the next step once you are gaining followers, and your TikTok videos are reaching a decent amount of views regularly.

Commonly a good indicator is that other TikTokers start to notice you and are requesting for duet, shoutouts or doing reactions on your videos.

If that has happened, congrats your TikTok career is about to take the next step.

Stay consistent with your TikTok efforts.

Probably by this time, brands are contacting you and looking for ways to partner up.

Now is your time to Take TikTok’s career into the next stage.

Types of TikTok monetization

Now is time to know about partnerships your TikTok account can get in to :

  • Free TIkTokpartnerships
  • Paid TikTok partnerships
  • TikTok In app coins

tiktok coins

After that, you can count on multiple ways of promotions:

  • TikTok Shoutouts
  • TikTok LIVE Product reviews
  • TikTok music use
  • Long term contracts with TIktokers
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Collect TikTok coins from your fans

Here is essential to remember that brands will expect your promotions to perform, and KPI’s will come in place.

What is TikTok brand partnership KPIs

  • TikTok Views
  • Visitors
  • Sales from links
  • Likes
  • Music playbacks
  • Downloads

The TikTok partnership KPIs will depend on the campaign and advertisers goals.


Remember that you need to disclose your brand partnerships

Read this article about detailed ways how to monetize your TikTok account

Step 4. Create a brand

Creating a brand around your successful TikTok account is the next best step in your TikTok career.

There is an audience, and Tiktok is getting views and engagement. Now is time to create your open brand and raise Tiktok’s account value.

The brand will increase the value of your TikTok account and open up more opportunities for monetization.

You can launch your own product line and set up an online store. Your TikTok account will be a constant traffic source for it!

Use your TikTok knowledge and authority and help others. By doing so not only, you give back to the community; you also promote your TikTok account.

With all these activities it can get overwhelming. Managing partnerships, running your store while still creating a snackable content for Tiktok.

Consider hiring a team and agent to help you get around the tasks, move in the office. It is your Career After All. Don’t be scared to invest in it!

There is no final step in your TikTok career; from here on, you must just grow it more prominent and expand another niche.

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