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How to Adverstise on TikTok in 2020

How to Adverstise on TikTok in 2020

Tiktok Ads will be the platform to look up in 2020.

Should your marketing strategy include Tiktok ads?

Tiktok ads are the place to be in 2020 if you are a marketer and if your target is the Gen Z.
Few brands already tried to use ads on TikTok, and it seems to work (Guess, Ralph Lauren, Crocs).

Universal Pictures wanted to promote the new fantasy comedy film, The House with a Clock in its Walls. They launched a Hashtag Challenge #FindYourMagic, allowing users to interpret the theme and show their magic. They invited tiktok influencers to fuel the challenge, and it worked.
They get more than 1,3 M likes on influencers' videos and 19K user-generated content.

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How much does Tiktok ads cost?

Tiktok ads will have a pay as you go depending on your budget and your needs. The reach performance has an impact on the price.

As TikTok content can be viral easy, the platform offers two types of budget caps; daily or all time. You set the budget before the campaign, but you can change it at any time on the Ads platform.
There is a minimum of $500 budget at the campaign level and $50 at the ad group level.
TikTok has ads with different formats depending on your needs, but the price is related to the bidding.

tiktok ads dashboard

Bidding Methods on TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads provides different bidding methods to meet your personalized marketing needs and reach your audience.


oCPC (optimization cost per click) is a type of bidding method, which could guarantee that the ad will be firstly displayed to users who may perform your expected actions. For example, if your campaign objectives are to drive more users to download your app, oCPC will push your ads to users who are more likely to download it.


The average fee per click. This bidding method can ensure that the ads are pushed firstly to users who are more likely to click your ads. The system will automatically adjust the bid based on your price, drawing the actual CPC (cost per click) close to your target price.


The average cost per thousand impressions. This bidding method can help expose your ads as much as possible within the current budget. The system will automatically adjust the bid based on your price, drawing the actual CPM close to your target price.

Tiktok ads Platform

Audience on Tiktok Ads platform

Ad targeting

TikTok Ads Targeting will provide your multi-dimensional choices. According to your promotional goal, you can use a targeting feature to help you more specifically cover the audience you want, improve your ad performance.

During the ad group creation process, you can choose the below targeting:

Tiktok ads targeting

Interest Targeting

An interest tag represents users’ interest in a type of content, the level of interest is calculated by a model based on the interactive behaviors and the types of content. Interactive behaviors include view, click, etc. Types of interactive content include videos, ads, articles, etc.

If a user scores high for interest in certain types of content, his/her user profile will be tagged with the corresponding interest tags. For example, the user profile is (Male, 30 years old, interested in “Travel” and “Game”).

Tiktok ads interest targeting

What tool is available on Tiktok Ads?

Tools on adds platform are here to help you creating content that users would like. Content on Tiktok is specific, and ad has to look like organic content to be accepted by tiktokers. But collaboration with influencers is a MUST to be legitimate on the network.

Video creation

Video creation tools tiktok ads platform

Video Creation Kit is a video creation tool, which makes creating video ads easier and faster.

With the video creation Kit, you can simply create a video ad by selecting a template and uploading your existing photo assets, text, and logos.

The Video Creation Kit currently offers 11 customizable templates, including 8 vertical templates and 3 horizontal templates.

Landing Page to Video Tool

With Landing Page to Video tool, you’re able to input your landing page URL simply. The system will intelligently capture high-quality image material on the landing page, and then use TikTok Ads copyrighted music to generate video ads in batches. Your content follows the TikTok’s standards automatically, and you can multiplicate ads easily.

Smart Video Soundtrack

Music is a vital part of TikTok’s video ads because this is the basis of virality.

To help you choose the right background music to create beautiful video ads, tiktok ads will offer you the “Smart Video Soundtrack” tool.

Smart Video Soundtrack will provide 302 pieces of music in 10 genres (Teen, Classic, Country, Ambient, Pop, EDM, MIX, Symphony, Rock, and Folk) for you to choose from.

Smart Video

Smart videos tiktok ads platform

TikTok also helps you making appealing video ads, reduce the cost and efforts of your video production, expand your creative library.

With the “Smart Video” tool, you will be able to upload one or multiple pictures and videos. Then we will leverage artificial intelligence to automatically analyze those videos and choose clips and music to create nicely cut video creatives.

Tiktok Marketing API

tiktok ads api

What is Marketing API?

TikTok Ads Marketing API will be a complete interface service that provides platform functions. Through the Marketing API, advertisers will be able to build automated marketing. Accessing the Marketing API could make advertiser integrate their platform with the TikTok Ads platform, achieving bulk advertising.

Marketing API will allow you to build internal tools that meet your specific needs. Integrated into your internal systems, it makes it easier to operate an account on TikTok Ads. Marketing API act as a channel was connecting customers and ad delivery system.

After reading this, you should be ready to target Gen-Z and Millennials with Tiktok ads strategies ?

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