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This Week on Pentos - update 7

This Week on Pentos - update 7

Dear Pentos friends,

Last week we played again the role of ✨Santa Claus✨ by making free tools for you! You have now in your Tiktok toolbox 🎁 :

free tool

We hope you will use these new tools to compare your Tiktok account with those of your friends. But more seriously, the engagement rate is very important to build a marketing influence strategy and in particular to collaborate with influencers, especially on Tiktok where the audience is very reactive.

A post’s engagement is also what will help its virality and on Tiktok, videos can go crazy viral in a few days, so the engagement rate can be amazing like 300 %. 🌪️🌪️

About virality, last week we made a new friend, the influencer Jayde Vincent who answered the question everybody is asking : how to go viral on Tiktok ?!? This 18-year-old woman is becoming a Tiktok expert and giving advice to marketers. His answers are also very interesting.

Besides being intelligent, Jayde is very friendly ❣️ She did not request any modification of the edited video and even commented and shared our post on linkedin with very kind words. Thank you Jayde 🙏 Contrary to the reputation that instagramers have, influencers on Tiktok seem to keep a cool head and a good spirit and we love that.

Tiktok influencers

And to stay in a world full of love, we would also like to thank Michael Sanchez who edited and shared a video on Pentos on his Facebook group for marketers. It is very pleasant to be used by the best Tiktok growth hacker 🤩

Another good new discovered by The Verge last week : WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) launched on Tiktok 🥊 Our natural curiosity led us to watch the videos posted … It starts very well! We find all the humor of wrestling with good kicks to the rhythm of the music, it distracts and it lets off steam. And the account already has 285.9k Followers 😲👏

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