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This Week on Pentos - update 4

This Week on Pentos - update 4

Dear Pentos friends,

Last week was full of good news with a bright sun in Paris ☀🙌

We had a meeting with big guys to talk about Pentos’ future. It seems that they are interested to have us in their incubator. It would be great for us to talk with other people in a business environment and to enjoy advices from women and men who know how to build a company.

At this time, we still work from home and our privileged interlocutor IR is …


angie <3

She is very cute but she can also be soooo mean 😓😓

This week we signed a one year deal with a great music company. Probably not the best deal we could have done but well, it’s a lesson for the future ! No regret afterall because they are nice guys so we celebrated it with a one evening break


This week, we worked on UX ameliorations on all the dashboards. Big thanks to you, Pentos friends, who adviced us to change it this way because it’s so much more intuitive ! More over we can now display more datas. We also made many moves in backend to have cleaner datas in order to react much faster if we have to.

New Dashboard

We also try to understand how does the Tiktok algorithm works . So we spent a lot of time digging into Tiktok’s videos, it’s crazy how much time you can spend watching videos without getting bored… And when it’s part of your job, you even don’t feel the guilt 🤓. So we made tests and posted videos for that. Actually we are thinking about posting content on Tiktok. What do you think ? Shall we give it a shot and make Angie becoming a Tiktok superstar ?

If you have your own theory on the Tiktok algorithm, feel free to share it with us. The more we are trying to understand it, the more we have chances to crack it !

Have a nice week,

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