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This Week on Pentos - update 3

This Week on Pentos - update 3

Dear Pentos friends,

This week was very cold here in Paris and we had to deal with a huuuuge thing … Tiktok changed its code !

new data

But thanks to our powerfull dev expert 🤓 you missed only two hours to track on our analytics tool. Reactivity is the most important quality of a small team 🙌 So it was a lot of work that makes actually no difference for you.

But we also developed a new feature, yes we did.

You can now program a notification when the song you track exceeds a threshold you established before. (available for Pro account).

This is mostly usefull if you follow many new songs in order to discover the next Lil Nas X

This week we also saw that we had a cousin on internet, a german website with the same name but a different content… They are quite big and not new so we maybe will change the name of our Tiktok analytics tool. We should have verified it better before, this is bad ! 😬

If you have any idea for a new name, please send it to us and if we choose it, you will win 3 trackers !

Have a great week !!

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