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This Week on Pentos - update 1

This Week on Pentos - update 1

Dear Pentos friends,

As you know, we are quite young and our tool is growing each day to offer you the best Tiktok analytics. We will update you regularly then you can fully enjoy our analytics platform.

Last week, we work very hard to provide you exciting new features.

Track by post

available for Growth ad Pro accounts
Post tracking on pentos the tiktok analytics platform

You were able to track by user, hashtag and song, you can now use your Pentos trackers to monitor a Tiktok post ! When is the best time of the week for you to post ? When is your audience the most focus to comment ? You will be able to compare different posts, with different content and watch their evolution in day to day and adapt your strategy.

CSV Export

available for Pro account
CSV export for pentos the tiktok analytics platform

This feature is reserved to professional marketing agencies or data analysts who need raw data. Pentos provides the most complete data on Tiktok users, hashtags, songs and posts. You can now export CSV for user profiles and for hashtags. We will update CSV export for songs and posts asap and keep you posted.

Engagement rate

available for all account

Engagement rate has been improved to the max this week. Pentos is now taking all videos into account of a Tiktok user to calculate the engagement rate. This is more precise and avoid big fluctuations made by one very popular post.

This evolutions are possible because you guys gave us some feedback, so please keep it doing even just to say hi 🤓

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