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Flighthouse on Tiktok - Itw with Adi Azran, branded content expert

Flighthouse on Tiktok - Itw with Adi Azran, branded content expert

Adi Azran, Head of Marketing at Flighthouse, the first media on Tiktok explains.

Flighthouse is the specialist of branded content on TikTok, and they do __Dope things only__.

Adi Azran

How Flighthouse was born?

Flighthouse was created in 2016 as a sounds page on musical.ly, uploading edits and remixes of popular songs. Since then, the brand has turned into an original content brand on TikTok.

What is your business model?

Flighthouse has two main ways that it operates. On the front end, we are producing branded content that speaks to the mobile generation. On the back end, we are leveraging our deep knowledge of the platform and running TikTok influencer campaigns, producing content for other brands, and doing full account management for brands and record labels.

Why Tiktok more than Insta or Youtube?

TikTok is one of the most exciting platforms in this current time. It’s a place where anyone can come in without any fancy equipment, 0 experience in content creation, and can make a video that hits millions of views with their first post. It’s where the next generation lives, and if your brand needs to speak to them, you MUST have a presence there. What’s amazing about it is, the music is driving creativity. There are unlimited songs in the universe, and each song can bring a new spark of inspiration to create an entertaining piece of content.

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How do you choose your guests for your media?

We involved guests that connect with our audience. This could be an artist that the generation knows and loves, or influencers who are paving the way for what content looks like on TikTok.

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Flighthouse website has no content except the press. Why?

With the current state of the internet and the nature of our brand, to our audience, social media is the new “website”.

Dope things only means to involve ourselves in things we find really awesome and authentic.



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