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How to make a voiceover on Tiktok

How to make a voiceover on Tiktok

In this article, you’ll find out step by step how to use the latest TikTok video editing tool to make avoice-over

Your video will sound like a discovery channel documentary or classic Film noir. But TikTok is the best place to be creative.

1. Record your video.

Record Video

Record your video as you do usually. And continue to the video editing part.

2. Record your voice.

Record voice

Click on the microphone on the upper right corner to start recording your voice.

3. Apply voice filter

Apply voice filter

You can apply a filter to alter the tone of your voice. You can make your voice sound like you just did helium or use one of the many other available filters.

4. Publish


Voice Over for videos? We’ve got that. Try our new ##voiceover feature, available now. 🗣

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Now it’s time to publish your video. If you want to check your video performance, you can use our tool.

You can now make some cool new videos.

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