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How To Check TikTok analytics with Pentos

How To Check TikTok analytics with Pentos

Why TikTok?

Now is the time you can’t ignore TikTok anymore. The platform has over 500million active users, more and more celebrities have joined, and it is now just taking up speed with influencers and brands. TikTok analytics is the next step!

Why does TikTok analytics matter?

Knowing precisely how your account and content grows is very crucial for any creator or marketer. Relying on native TikTok analytics can be useful, but soon enough, you will run in a situation where you need more advanced tools and measures. How do you check TikTok analytics like a pro? With Pentos!

Who needs TikTok?

If you consider yourself professional within social media or digital marketing or you are a passionate creator who is determined to achieve the best results, you must know how important accurate data is. Pentos is the right solution to monitor all essential TikTok analytics and KPIs under one roof!

Who is on TikTok?

TikTok is no longer only for kids. Creative brands are already using TikTok to drive engagement for their accounts and sell more products to Genz’s. Marketing companies are following.

Tiktok Analytics - Profile

With the TikTok profile analytics tool, you can precisely follow the growth of any Tikotkers account. Do you want to track your profile growth across multiple touchpoints, or are you curious about your competitor’s performance? Pentos TikTok profile analytics tool provides you with, easy to use, trackers that cover all the main metrics.

Set up your TikTok analytics dashboard.

Start by selecting the user or users you want to track. You can choose multiple users and follow them from one dashboard. Adding many TikToker’s can be useful if you would like to compare their performance.

Track Tiktok user with pentos

In the analytics tools top menu, you can select metrics that matter for you. Follow Tiktoker’s fan base growth, video view increase, video upload frequency, and many more.

Monitor Tiktok user with pentos

Pentos will deliver new data on each user and select a metric every 24hours.

If you do not wish to track the user anymore, simply remove the tracker by clicking on the bin icon next to the influencers row in Pentos dashboard.

Pentos user dashboard

Filter Growth

Once you have found TikToker’s to monitor and KPIs to follow in your analytics profile, you can start to analyze and understand the data. Pentos allows you to filter the growth of your selected users under each specific KPI. By clicking on a particular KPI section, the platform automatically arranges users by decrease or increase of the metrics.

This function allows you to monitor which of the users have the strongest performance in selected KPI.

If you would like to follow growth patterns more visually, Pentos offers you comprehensive graphs and tables illustrating the numerical growth of the user. Each report is Downloadable as a CSV file.

Viral Alerts

Want to be notified when the video goes viral? Pentos allows you to set alerts based on when the video reached a certain number of views or hearts. Alerts can be set for users as well, get notified when the user reaches the follower or heart threshold.

How is this Beneficial in marketing?

With the Pentos profile analytics tool, you can discover well-performing TikTok influencers and compare how they perform over a period of time.

Track your own brand growth and compare it with competitors.

Track multiple TikTok influencers you have partnerships within just one platform.

Pentos saves you manual work of checking each user manually every day or dealing with a messy spreadsheet and countless screenshots.

Tiktok Hashtag Analytics

With TikTok Hashtags analytic tool, you can now precisely know the data behind the hashtag you wish to use. Are you running a campaign with specific campaign hashtags or want to know the uploaded amount for a targeted hashtag? TikTok analytics tool for hashtags will provide you with the newest insights and data.

Set up Tiktok Hashtag Analytics

Set up your hashtags analytics dashboard by search hashtags of your interest. You can use multiple hashtags to one dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of selected hashtags, Compare how many videos have been uploaded and how many views the hashtag received in the past 24 hours using a particular hashtag.

Pentos hashtag dashboard

Pentos hashtag input

Pentos hashtag result

The hashtag analytics tool is especially useful for marketers who are running campaigns and using branded hashtags. Discover what impact and reach your activated campaigns made!

If you are using multiple hashtags in several campaigns now, you can compare their performance by filtering hashtag performance depending on views or video uploads.

Hashtag analytics Reports

Every time you start to track new hashtags, Pentos automatically starts to create data reports about the performance of the hashtags. You can access and download reports under the analytics panel.

Pentos dashboards are highly visual and give you a closer look at KPIs that matter for TikTok hashtag performance analysis. Such KPIs are: engagement rate, average comments, and average views on videos associated with the hashtag.

Pentos hashtag dashboard

In this section, you can analyze data and discover the best performing days as well as track upload volumes growth during the campaign period.

Optimize your TikTok hashtag game and follow branded hashtags with ease.

TikTok Song Analytics

One of the critical elements of TikTok success is music. Pentos allows you to track the performance of any song. Are you promoting your song on TikTok or just want to see how popular songs get distributed?

Tiktok Song analytics allows you to select the song of your choice by providing a URL of it in the search box. You can add as many songs as you wish.

Pentos song input

Each song will be then tracked by numbers of total posts and posts made in the last 24 hours. TikTok song analytics is not limited to songs only, add original sounds as well.

Pentos song dashboard

Need to save the data for later? No worries, Pentos got you on this! Simply go to the selected songs analytics panel and export CSV files with all data included.

TikTok Post/Video Analytics

Are you curious about how specific posts performance is overtime or the TikTok app analytics are not enough? Pentos has a video analytics tool that reveals precisely this data. With the speed of how content is created on TikTok, it is hard for anyone to keep up with logging data manually.

Set-Up TikTok Video analytics

Pentos allows you to track the progress of any active videos on TikTok. Simply find the videos you would like to analyze, copy the post URL, and add it to the analytics dashboard.

Pentos post input

In the dashboard, you will be able to see analytics over video growth in terms of views, hearts, comments, and shares in daily and total values.

Pentos post dashboard

If you are tracking multiple videos on Pentos, the TikTok video analytics dashboard allows you to compare performance for the different videos by particular KPI’s.

This analytics tool is useful when running multiple influencer campaigns in TikTok, and you wish to monitor post behavior in one dashboard. With Pentos, it is possible!


In order to get a detailed insight into each post progress, choose to go to the analytics page. Analytics panel displays main video KPIs as well as interactive graphs illustrating post-growth by days.

Download charts and data in CSV format.

TikTok is about trends, viral, and snackable content. It is not always easy to keep up with ever-changing trends. With Pentos, you can discover what’s trending on TikTok across the world with just a few simple clicks.

Pentos tiktok trending

Start with selecting the location in your analytics dashboard, that you would like to explore the newest trends. Then choose whether you would like to see trending content, songs, or hashtags.

Wonder what was trending last week? Pentos allows you to go back in time and select the day you want to analyze.

Create content that is riding not running after the hype train!

The viral charts are an excellent tool for everyone that wants to grow on TikTok quickly! With a tool, you can now explore and know precisely songs and original sounds that have been trending for the last 24 hours.

Pentos tiktok viral chart

Use only the most trending songs for your next video to make sure you maximize potential outcome!

You can also look for songs that were trendy in the past. Simply click on the calendar menu and choose the date you want to see.


If it already is not enough Pentos strives to keep you satisfied, therefore, each week we will send you custom reports about your selected tracker progress overview.

Pentos weekly report

If you do not want to receive reports you can simply select the function under your setting menu.

Now you know what Pentos can do for you.

If you have any questions or need any help don’t hesitate to reach us out.

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