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Grow on Tiktok with our analytics tool

Grow on Tiktok with our analytics tool

TikTok is the trending social network for sharing fun content. If you are a growing influencer wanting to grow your account popularity or a digital marketer wanting to make the most of all the possibilities offered by the TikTok: Pentos is made for you.

Grow your audience

Tiktok was downloaded more than 660 million times in 2018. And you want a fair share of all these eyes.

Making content takes time and you want it to resonate with the broadest possible audience. With Pentos you can easily track your progress. You want to grow a dedicated fanbase ? You can see how you are performing and attract new people on the spot.
It is straightforward to use. Pentos gives you useful insights, more accurate than those you have on the native analytics. It works whether you are singers, gymnasts, and foodlovers.

You will have useful metrics like your engagement rate, the number of followers you have.

Hashtags are crucial on Tiktok. Many challenges have taken place on the platform. It is a great way to attract new eyes to your videos. It is also an exciting way to understand which content to post. You can also track hashtags to spot the trending topics.

If you are familiar with TikTok, think about the #raindropchallenge. It ranked significantly high, with more than 692 million views. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon are promoting the app through challenges like the #tumbleweed challenge.

With our tool, do not miss any exciting challenge either as a content maker or as a marketer. You can explore hashtags, monitor them to know whether they are trending or not.

Get insights about users

Tiktok officially releases its pro account features. With a pro account, you can have insights about your account performance. Pentos brings you something more: you can understand other people’s analytics. We can give you analytics about every account! That can prove very handy when you are a marketer looking for an influencer to contact, a content maker, or even a user who wants to know what to follow.

Pentos provides analytics you can leverage!

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