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The Best Tiktok Video Editing Tools!

The Best Tiktok Video Editing Tools!

Is your brand considering making original content for TikTok? An essential part of making an impact on TikTok is making engaging videos, and you can’t do that without a little editing. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered with a list of our top five apps that make editing and posting your videos to TikTok a breeze!

Why Should I Create TikTok Video?

You brand needs to develop a presence on TikTok! Still need more convincing? Well, with over 1 billion active monthly users and over 200 million app downloads in the US alone, TikTok is rapidly becoming the best place to engage with anyone between the ages of 13 and 30. So what are you waiting for? To get you started on the road to TikTok stardom, here’s Pentos' picks for the best TikTok video editors.

Best Tiktok Video Editing Tools

1. The TikTok App

TikTok Logo
Our first pick is the app itself! With its intuitive user interface and access to songs, custom filters and effects, it’s no wonder that the app’s built-in video editor takes the top spot on our list.

Best features

The native editor’s best feature is definitely the ability to apply in-app filters (think Snapchat) to your videos. Whether its applying digital makeup or modulating the pitch of your voice, TikTok’s filters are an integral part of the language of the app. Some filters, like ‘Long Face’, have even become memes in their own right and represent an easy avenue to engage with users in a way that is fun while remaining authentic to the platform.

Who should use the Tiktok InApp Editor?

Because it comes with the app itself, the TikTok video editor is definitely a tool designed for everyone. This accessibility does come with some trade-offs in terms of performance and available features, but for the average user the default editor is a great entry point for content creation.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush Logo

For years, Adobe Premiere has been the leading name in professional video editing applications. And it’s clear that the reputation is well earned when using their latest entry for the Premiere product line: Adobe Premiere Rush. Designed with mobile video editing in mind, Premiere Rush puts the power of a professional editing bay in your pocket, making it the ideal choice for TikTok marketer’s who want to put some polish on their projects and content.

Best features

It’s hard to pick just one feature that stands out with Premiere Rush, because this bad boy is feature rich! With Premiere Rush you can easily splice video snippets, apply color correction, record and clean up custom audio, and insert animations and titles, all backed up by the power of Adobe Pro Tools. But the standout feature is built-in Adobe Cloud sharing, allowing you to seamlessly edit content on your phone and pick up your work on a tablet or computer. And of course, Rush comes with built-in social media integration, making sharing to TikTok as simple as clicking a button.

Who should use Adobe Premiere Rush?

With its powerful feature set, Premiere Rush is our pick for those brands and content creators who want to give their videos a more professional feel. So what are you waiting for, Spielberg?

Learn more about Premiere Rush

3. Fuse.it

Fuse.it Logo

Fuse.it brings the power of augmented reality to your video content. Simply pick from Fuse’s library of available AR packages and quickly add a velociraptor or the Pope to your videos. Fuse allows content creators to quickly and easily add something fun and engaging to their videos, helping them stand out from the crowd.

Best features

The killer feature here is the ability to add Augmented Reality avatars to a video scene. AR allows for virtual assets to co-exist with people and real-world locations in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Oh, and did we mention that Fuse.it easily integrates with TikTok for simple sharing?

Who should use Fuse.it

Fuse.it is great for those lonely content creators who are in need of a digital friend.

Try Fuse Here

4. VideoLeap

Enleap Logo

VideoLeap is a video editor from mobile development studio Lightricks, and one that lives up to its tag line “you won’t believe the videos you can create”. Videoleap gives you the ability to add some really powerful elements to your videos, including keyframe animation, blending and masking, and Chroma Key, which is basically AI powered green screen.

Best features

Green Screen videos are a hugely popular way to grow your audience on TikTok, but the built-in effect that comes with the app can leave creators wanting more. That’s why we think VideoLeap’s Chroma Key, with its use of “AI edge awareness” is such an awesome feature!

Who should us VideoLeap

VideoLeap is perfect for those creators looking to make truly original content on TikTok. The combination of video layering and animation, as well as Chroma Key, results in some truly arresting videos that are sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Try VideoLeap

5. Inshot

Inshot Logo
InShot is a popular video editing app in China that comes loaded with some great features. Not only does the app have built in editing and filters, it also comes with access to free-to-use sound and music clips, as well as fun stickers and animations that can be dropped into your video content.

Best features

InShot’s best feature is definitely its access to cute and fun stickers and animations. It looks like China has imported some of that kawaii cuteness from their neighbors to the east and made it available for your video creations.

Who should use InShot ?

Anyone trying to make inroads with TikTok’s active cosplay and anime communities. Visit InShot to learn more

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